May 27, 2015

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Our Mission

The mission of the South Lake Animal League is to act for the community as an advocate on behalf of animals; to provide for the well-being of animals who are abandoned, injured, subjected to unfair or cruel treatment, or otherwise in need; to provide shelter for these animals; to maintain a "no kill" policy; to serve the citizens and animals of our community by sponsoring related public health programs and upholding the laws enacted for their protection; to educate the public on responsible pet ownership including prevention of over-population by spay and neutering; and to enhance the lives of animals and people in our communities through education, awareness, adoption, and compassion.



Help us get through Puppy and Kitten Season! Donate today!

With the arrival of puppy and kitten season, we have a lot of little hungry mouths to feed! Our pets are in need of Pedigree Puppy Food and Purina Kitten Food. If you can’t bring it to our Groveland Adoption Center or our downtown Clermont Thrift Stop, you can order through our Amazon Wish List […]


Sponsor A Blanket!

Sponsor a Blanket for one of our adorable adoptable animals, for a nominal donation of $20! These blankets are made by our volunteers with love and once sponsored will follow the animal all the way to their “Happy Tails” home! Your name will be posted on their kennel (for a dog) and in the Cat […]


Donate to the Have a Heart! Heartworm Recovery Fund today!

These two cuties want to help the 20 Heartworm Positive dogs we have taken in to be cured of  heartworm disease.  Please donate to our Have A Heart! Heartworm Recovery Fund today!  

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